Designing a factory from the bottom up is one task. Designing an "efficient factory" from scratch and building it on time and on budget is a challenge. To achieve our goals, we use modern aids such as 3D CAD systems on the one hand and our standardised methods for designing waste-free processes on the other. We check and question every planning step self-critically. And we validate them through simulation. This is how we can ensure optimum factory planning.

Bild: 3D-high bay rack planningBild: Stamping plant 50x80m
3D-Werkplanung 3D-Werkplanung Layoutplanung
Bild: 3D-Werkplanung Bild: 3D-Werkplanung Bild: 3D-Fabrikplanung
Fabrikplanung Presswerk PREON BOX Fabrikplanung Presswerk PREON BOX Fabrikplanung Presswerk PREON BOX
Bild: Presswerk Spannweite 50m Bild: Presswerk 50x80m Bild: 3D-Presswerk
Fabrikplanung Lean Fabrikplanung Lean Fabrikplanung Lean
Bild: 3D-Office planning Bild: 3D-Office planning Bild: 3D-Office planning
Fabrikplanung Lean Fabrikplanung Lean FTS Lean
Bild: 3D-exhaust factory Bild: AGV Bild: AGV with tool

Factory optimization Use of the 3D CAD models allows us to demonstrate the results of the planning phase transparently and to check them together with your experts. Any adaptations to the layout that might be required can be integrated at short notice. This makes for short coordination loops and faster factory optimisation.