Lean Management – it delivers what it promises

The aim is to anchor lean management firmly in the company in order to improve productivity, flexibility and quality along the entire production process.
The objective of improving value creation can be achieved by optimisation of the logistics processes, enhancement of productivity and better product quality.
We conduct set-up workshops and perform value stream analyses, for instance. We help the customer set and monitor clear targets, which are visualised at shop floor level.

Support and customer care

We support our customers worldwide with the introduction of lean management in their organisation.
The support ranges from weak point analysis to implementation at the production line.
We work with our customers to develop lean production processes from the planning phase to realisation on the line.

Picture: Lean?


Our activities are always informed by the lean methods or strategies leading to lean processes and structures. Concepts that underpin the methods we use include for instance the idea of ‘one-piece flow’, reduction in stock levels, the quality of the product and manufacturing productivity.