Production Control/PPS

Over the last few decades, a certain autonomisation of dynamics and complexity has become apparent in commerce and manufacturing.
On the one hand, production is relocated due to cost and wage issues. On the other hand, growth can only be achieved through opening up new markets. Internal process optimisation is no longer proving sufficient, since its savings and improvement potentials have largely been exhausted.

Production planning and control processes through PPS concepts

LogistikProduction planning and control are at the centre of any manufacturing company and have a large impact on the performance of your products and therefore the performance of your company.
You should look critically at your order processing, in particular the production planning and control, materials management and the PPS systems and methods used.
Only if you have effective production planning processes that are tailored to your company will you achieve excellent planning quality. Improved production planning and the use of efficient control concepts/principles can optimise your company’s production supply and its ability to deliver on time considerably. As a result, you will also ensure short throughput times and lower stock levels at your company.

PPS Consultants

As experienced PPS consultants, we support you in designing your production planning and control processes.
Using our own custom software, we are able to identify the weak points of your PPS system.
We will find out whether the required parameters such as

  batch sizes

  production times

  machine capacities

  bills of material

are maintained and calculated correctly.

Objectives of a successful PPS system

  Realisation of short throughput times

  Schedule effectiveness

  Optimum stock levels

  Efficient use of resources


Benefits to you:

  Reduction in stock levels and better stock transparency

  Increase in throughput at bottlenecks

  Reduction in throughput times

  Reduction in set-up costs

  Optimised batch sizes and defined production flows

  Optimised PPS capacity planning and scheduling

  Increases in delivery performance and customer satisfaction


Our services:

  Optimisation of your production planning and control

  Reduction of set-up times through optimised production flow planning, taking into account optimum batch sizes

  Planning of optimum batch sizes

  Determination and definition of optimum material coverage for all products

  Reducing stock levels through optimisation of order planning and corresponding dimensioning of control loops

  Identification of your bottleneck resources and development of alternative rescheduling rules