Welcome to Integrated Logistics Systems - your partner for maximum cost efficiency along the supply chain

Logistics is a key cost factor in your company. Efficient logistics processes along the supply chain are crucial to your company's success.

Our focus is on lean and efficient processes, and we analyze, plan and implement efficient logistics structures for your company. In doing so, we are guided by the principles of lean management in order to make material and information flows sustainably efficient. The entire supply chain, from raw materials to the end customer, is consistently geared towards value creation.

Logistik Our services at a glance:

Strategy in supply chain management: We support you in the planning and implementation of cross-location flows of goods and materials. Our analysis and optimization of your supplier structure as well as supplier evaluations and monitoring stabilize your supply chain in the long term.

Inventory management: Our experienced consultants evaluate your current inventories based on a standardized analysis of your order situation and sales expectations. We develop and implement inventory controlling concepts to determine the optimal solutions for you.

Spare parts strategy: Smoothly functioning spare parts logistics is the key to satisfied customers. We develop an economical and punctual spare parts strategy for you with a focus on the long term and cost-effectiveness.

Key figure systems: We analyze your existing key performance indicator system, identify weaknesses and support you in developing and implementing a powerful system that is tailored to your individual needs.

Site selection: After analyzing your business model and business cases, we jointly define the framework conditions for site selection. Our international network enables us to evaluate locations worldwide based on your specifications and long-term utilization concepts.

Material flow optimization: Lean processes mean lower costs. We analyze your logistics parameters and develop and implement lean processes for you according to lean principles.

Material flow planning: Our expertise covers all process steps in material flow planning, from traileryard to dispatch. We develop forward-looking layouts with a high degree of flexibility and rely on standardized simulations for validation.

Standard delivery forms: We identify part families for standard delivery forms and plan the process steps in detail. We define and implement control instruments for synchronized delivery in the customer cycle.

Pre-series process / supplier development: Our professional start-up and change management support includes maturity level checks, monitoring of delivery quality and employee training for a smooth pre-series process.

Holistic planning approach: Our economic approach to business processes is always holistic in order to avoid isolated solutions and determine the actual total costs.

Warehouse planning: The right warehouse technology is crucial. We determine the appropriate technology and picking strategies for your requirements, including bottleneck checks and ensuring the defined dynamics.

At Integrated Logistics Systems, experienced consultants will guide you towards lean and efficient logistics processes that increase your business success. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can optimize your supply chain.