Outbound Logistics

When designing the outbound logistics, it is important to find the right balance between customer-friendliness and cost-efficiency.
Efficient processes and the resulting short throughput times make for low commitment of capital and adjusted resource utilisation.

Our Services:

  Setting up and designing regional and global distribution networks

  Analysis of customer requirements and adaptation of networks

  Harmonisation and synchronisation of warehouse and shipping systems with the global distribution network

  Outbound warehouse optimisation: delivery performance and cost optimisation

  Process design, software evaluation, material flow optimisation

  Transport network optimisation, tracking and tracing

  Determination of inventory keeping strategy depending on the delivery performance expectations

  Concepts for empties management

  Location selection for central and local distribution centres

  Spare parts supply and returns concepts in after-sales

  Outsourcing concepts with tendering and realisation support

Benefits to you:

  Cost optimisation in outbound warehouse

  Increase in delivery performance

  Increase in process stability and process reliability

  Reduction in order lead times

  Ensuring goods traceability

  Optimised processes