Value Stream Mapping

To optimize and to illustrate the potential in processes we use the Value Stream Mapping. We organize together with our customers a value stream mapping workshop. We have a great focus at the workshop to the point "Learn to See " The workshop participants also instructed to the application of the methodology of Value Stream Mapping. Additionally they are instructed to the possibilities for elimination of waste. This approach leads to a high acceptance at the implementation of Lean concepts.


Our standard workshop covers the following points:


Our standard workshop covers the following points:
  Theory: What is Value Stream Mapping?

  Theory: Difference between material and information flow

  Selection of a product family

  Commit a value stream responsible

  Learn the methodology by example of a case study

Take a picture of actual state:

  Independent gain from Information of the material flow

  Performing a fast passage along the material flow

  Independent sketch of the value stream by the workshop participants

Developing target state:

  • Identify customers cycle time
  • Set the current guidelines of value
  • The workshop participants drawing the target state
  • Review target state

Implementation target state:

  Defines the necessary steps

  prioritization of implementation steps

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