The approach to a restructuring project always depends on the challenges involved and the industry sector. Generally, we approach a restructuring project according to the strategy we have developed.

Scanning phase

During the initial phase, all the existing business processes are examined in detail. The examination entails a critical inspection and questioning of all the processes and procedures that are performed in production or in the tertiary areas. By taking a look from the outside, i.e. at a distance from the existing processes, each step is questioned with respect to its usefulness. The aim is to identify the weak points or cost drivers of the business and to tackle these through targeted measures as quickly as possible. The examination process covers the overhead areas as well as the producing sections. After the scanning process, measures to eliminate the weak points or cost drivers are defined and included in an implementation plan. Each measure has a completion deadline and a person responsible assigned to it. Implementation progress is monitored, and, if necessary, measures are initiated to ensure that the deadlines are kept.

Recognising potential – maintaining substance

Fast and accurate analyses and purposeful implementation of future-proof and targeted measures. During this phase, the focus is on setting up a transparent goal management framework.

Catalogue of measures

  Training employees on topic “Lean Management”

  Standardisation of all processes (simple, clear processes)

  Marking or labelling all sections in production

  Elimination of organisational grey zones

  Elimination of ‘muda’ (waste in production)

  Examination of all processes under the aspect of value creation

  Optimisation of the production equipment under the aspect of CIP

  Performing layout optimisation

  Setting up a goal management framework

  Definition of clear goals in all areas