Aim of Interim Management

Our approach when taking on an Interim Management assignment is modelled on our strategy for a restructuring project. Equipped with a clearly defined mandate and decision-making authority at the highest level, we manage the day-to-day business for our customers.

In addition to the strategy developed for restructuring projects, Interim Management also involves HR management and policy.
We analyse the issues involved in any impending HR decisions or changes and prepare presentations of the results, which are then submitted at the appropriate decision-making levels in the organisation.
The aim of this approach is to make sure that the decisions have the support of the entire management. In addition, this course of action is intended to ensure the long-term positive development of the company.

Technical Management

A total of 70% of the consultant team of INTEGRATED LOGISTICS SYSTEMS are graduate engineers with technical qualifications. In addition to the technical background knowledge, they are familiar with the processes of Total Productivity Management (TPM) and Lean Management.


This makes it possible for INTEGRATED LOGISTICS SYSTEMS to support customers with the technical management of their production processes or, if required, to even take this on in its entirety.
If we take on the technical management, we start by an examination process aimed at identifying and analysing the weak points. This examination covers the production facilities, the existing extent of Lean Management as well as the existence of Total Productivity Management or of a production system. In addition, the effects of the product engineering are examined under the aspects of producibility and quality.

By setting up control loops, deficiencies are addressed and eliminated for the long term. INTEGRATED LOGISTICS SYSTEMS develops new production and logistics strategies for existing products and provides support with their realisation on the shop floor.