Setting up Kanban system involving suppliers

A tried & tested and innovative method for requesting production supplies (pull system).
Once installed, the Kanban system is virtually self-operating.
Our experience shows that when a Kanban ‘pull’ system is set up with a supplier, the transport costs remain the same as if an internal Kanban pull system is set up within the production cycle.
This requires existing transport concepts to be adapted to the Kanban pull system; and quality problems and deficiencies in the delivery time-keeping will become apparent in the process. These deficiencies should be rectified before the introduction of the Kanban pull system.
We have the experience and the competence to take over the entire project management for the introduction of the Kanban pull system.
We provide a guarantee for the entire consulting and implementation process.


The extremely fast development of the Internet over the last few years and its open structure create ideal conditions for its use as the communication channel for logistical processes. Our aim is to simplify customer-specific process flows through the consistent use of modern information technologies such as the Internet or radio links with existing networks. In addition to the networking of the individual production stages, the extension of the information channels all the way to the end customer via the Internet represents an important quality challenge for our consultants compared to traditional logistics. The consistent further development of e-Kanban inevitably results in the automation of internal and external means of transport, such as forklift trucks and HGVs. Autonomous truck systems with a certain level of intelligence will form the backbone of internal transport logistics in the automotive industry in the future (see reference list). Savings potentials of up to 50% are realised through these measures.


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