Factory Planning

Welcome to the homepage of ILS, your experienced partner for factory design! With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we operate worldwide and offer our customers an experienced team of engineers. Our expertise extends to Brazil, Hungary, Poland and Germany, among others.

Our holistic approach to planning encompasses project management from data discovery and site assessment to tendering and negotiation with suppliers. We monitor and take responsibility for deadlines and budgets to ensure that your projects are successfully completed. From implementation to commissioning, performance testing and handover to the customer, we provide professional and reliable support.

FabrikplanungTo ensure optimal planning, we use state-of-the-art 3D planning tools that allow us to simulate processes and workflows. This allows us to identify potential bottlenecks or optimization opportunities at an early stage and act accordingly.

Another focus of our activities is the development of the supply chain. We support you in supplier management and monitor quality to ensure that your production processes run smoothly. In addition, we place great emphasis on process documentation to ensure transparency and traceability.

ILS is proud to act as a system partner for our customers. We are committed to meeting your requirements and goals in the best possible way and to building long-term partnerships. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you.


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End-to-end planning approach

Methods for efficient factory:




Optimierung Arbeitsplatz Optmierung Fabriklayout Optimierung Supply Chain
Image: Optimization workplace Image: Optimization factory layout Image: Optimization supply chain

Site Development:

3D-Werkplanung 3D-Werkplanung Layoutplanung
Bild: 3D-Werkplanung Bild: 3D-Werkplanung Bild: 3D-Fabrikplanung
Fabrikplanung Presswerk PREON BOX Fabrikplanung Presswerk PREON BOX Fabrikplanung Presswerk PREON BOX
Bild: Presswerk Spannweite 50m Bild: Presswerk 50x80m Bild: 3D-Presswerk
Büroplanung Büroplanung Büroplanung
Bild: 3D-Büroplanung Bild: 3D-Büroplanung Bild: 3D-Büroplanung
Fabrikplanung Fabrikplanung Fabrikplanung
Bild: 3D-Hochregalplanung Bild: 3D-factory planning mode Bild: 3D-Schalldämpferfabrik
Fabrikplanung Fabrikplanung Fabrikplanung
Bild: 3D-Presswerk Bild: 3D-factory planning mode Bild: 3D-Presswerk
Inbound Logistik-Fabrikplanung Inbound Logistik-C-Teile-Fabrikplanung Inbound Logistik-C-Teile-Fabrikplanung
Bild: C-Teile Fertigung Bild: Inbound Logistik/C-Teile Bild: C-Teile Fertigung
Büroplanung Büroplanung Büroplanung
Bild: 3D-Büroplanung Bild: 3D-Büroplanung Bild: 3D-Büroplanung