General Planning

We are a renowned company with extensive experience of 20 years in general planning. Over the years, we have successfully implemented numerous projects around the world. Our international expertise enables us to offer solutions of the highest quality.

Verlagerung ProduktionOur team of experts specializes in material flow planning to optimize production and logistics processes. We analyze space requirements and identify efficient solutions to increase the productivity and efficiency of your operations.

We perform detailed feasibility analyses to ensure that your projects can be successfully implemented. In addition, we offer digital ACTUAL as-built dimension surveys to provide a precise basis for our planning.

Our concepts aim to optimize your production and logistics. We develop customized solutions to make your operations more efficient and profitable. Our experts plan structures and layouts taking into account value stream oriented production to improve material flow and reduce waste. In addition, we support you in planning your processes and organizational procedures to further increase your efficiency.

We offer comprehensive advice on workplace design.
We take ergonomic aspects and optimal workflows into account to create an efficient working environment. We also use state-of-the-art 3D general planning techniques to provide you with realistic visualizations of your projects.
Virtual building tours allow you to experience your project before it is even implemented. Our planning also takes into account the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure a future-proof solution.

We look forward to helping you develop customized solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your projects.

Building design - Architecture - Structural design

Generalplanung Bueroplanung Tragwerk Vallourec
Generalplanung Architektur Tragwerkplanung


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Material flow planning

Determination of space requirements

Concepts for optimizing production and logistics

Feasibility analyses

Digital as-is dimensioning of the inventory

Planning of structures and layouts with focus on value stream oriented production