ILS your reliable partner for comprehensive consulting and coordination services in various fields. We offer customized solutions and support you in the successful implementation of your projects. Our focus is on the following areas:Ürozessmapping

1. consulting and coordination services:
Our experienced consultants will provide you with their expertise and help you plan, organize and implement your projects. We ensure that all processes mesh smoothly and support you in coordinating all the players involved.

2. energy consulting and renewable energies:
As experts in energy efficiency and renewable energies, we offer you comprehensive consulting services. We analyze your energy consumption, identify potential savings and develop customized concepts for the use of renewable energies. Together, we work to reduce your environmental footprint and save costs.

3. construction management:
Our Construction Management team supports you in the efficient planning, organization and monitoring of your construction projects. From selecting the right suppliers and contractors to quality assurance and adherence to schedules, we ensure your construction project runs smoothly and meets your requirements.

4. multi-project management / budget controlling:
We specialize in multi-project management and help you keep track of multiple projects simultaneously. Our budget controlling ensures that you are always in control of your financial resources and can manage project costs efficiently.

5. real estate management / controlling:
Our expertise in real estate management supports you in the optimal use and management of your real estate. We offer you customized solutions in the area of asset and property management as well as effective controlling to increase the value of your real estate in the long term.

6. supplier management / logistics:
We optimize your supply chains and ensure efficient logistics. Our supplier management ensures that you select the best partners and suppliers for your needs. Together we develop customized solutions to reduce costs, shorten delivery times and ensure the quality of your goods.

At ILS, we focus on your individual requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our services and find out how we can help you with your challenges



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